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Paekākāriki was named by the tohunga, Haupipi-a-Nanaia (Hau).  He was the great grandson of Kupe, and was married to Wairaka from Poverty Bay. She was the daughter of Toroa, Captain of the Mataatua waka.  The story is told that Hau’s wife had been lured away from his whare by another and they fled down the … Read more

Ngati Haumia, Paekākāriki mana whenua hapu

After Te Rauparaha conquered the Muaupoko people. they left the area and headed for Horowhenua in the Manawatu. Te Rauparaha and his followers were allocated all the lands formally held by the Muaupoko. This was all the land from just south of the Otaki River to the southern tip of the North Island. Te Rauparaha … Read more